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New Cleaning Agent AS-ESA™!

Download the PeePod Installation Instructions

The amazing PeePod™, designed by Japan's leading odor control engineers, uses the simplicity of nature as the basis for the product design.

Like a waterfall cascading down into a gorge, Pee Pod uses the same gravity flow to release the super cleaning agent (AS-ESA™) into the urinal without the use of batteries.

With every flush, powerful cleaners refresh and restore the urinal to like-new condition.

The fragrance bar with its' clean Earth-Essence™ aroma instantly fills the restroom, thereby eliminating the need for urinal blocks and other enzyme based cleaners.

Starts to Work in 7 seconds...

  • 7 Seconds to install into urinal
  • 7 Minutes and whole restroom is refreshed
  • 7 days and 90% of Urinal odors eliminated
  • 10 months for clean pipes (New / AS-ESA ™)

This amazing PeePod™ restores the condition of a urinal with only a 7 seconds installation. No Tools, tapes or screws required.

Keep the Plumbers away by fully restoring urinals and eliminating urine crystals from building up in the drainage pipes with new AS-ESA™ Cleaning Agent!.

Easy to Install


Keep the plumbers away and save time and money

PeePod's special fragrance bar fills the whole restroom in 7 minutes with refreshing green aroma.

       PeePod in urinal

Drainage will get restored to like new condition!

PeePod in urinalThe PeePod™ will clean inside the urinal top to bottom more effectively than manual scrubbing. It will eliminate 50% to 90% percent of urine stain in 7 days.

This product eliminates the need for urinal blocks and other cleaners for 60 days.

You can restore the drainage by changing the PeePod every 30 days.

PeePod Logo

The Pod System™

The PeePod™

"New & Improved Cleaner"

The patented design puts the PeePod™ at the top of the urinal where it can work most efficiently. With each flush, clean water safely activates the powerful cleaning agents (AS-ESA™) and releases a fresh fragance throughout the restroom.

The FanPod™

FanPod™ Auto uses innovative technology to switch the air freshener on or off with the flick of the restroom lights. When the light goes out, the built in sensor automatically turns the fan off. This saves battery life and moderates fragrance refill evaporation, thereby making it economical and more environmentally friendly.

The DoorPod™

DoorPod™ refreshes the room by simply swinging the door. DoorPod™ catches the breeze and releases the fresh Earth Essence™ natural fragrances out through the vented dispenser.