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Air Spencer USA Fragrance Selection

Fragrances for FanPod and FanPod Auto

Refills Item # Application
Juicy Grapefruit™ R10 All Purpose Fragrance
Amazon Forest™ R20 Smoke Odors
Verry Berry™ R30 Fruity Fragrance
Jasmine Lagoon™ R40 Fruity Fragrance
Sweetest Pea R50 Bath & Body Fragrance                   
Cucumber Melon R60 Bath & Body Fragrance
Tangy Orange™ R70 Fruity Fragrance
Hibiscus Garden™ R80 Smoke Odors
Black Forest Pine™ R90 Health Care Odors
Green Apple R100 Fruity Fragrance
Lemon R110 Fruity Fragrance
Fresh Linen™ R140

Usage Options:

Health Care Odors:
Incontinence, burn Units, cancer, soiled linens, sick rooms.

Smoke Odors:
Smoking rooms, garbage odors, animal odors, spoiled odors.

Bath and Body Fragrance:
Restrooms, lobbies, public areas, offices, retail showrooms.

Fruity Fragrances:
Restroom odors, stagnant air, perspiration, mildew.


Fragrances for DoorPods

Refills Item # Application
Santa Barbara Sea Breeze™     DPR10            Citrus Fragrance
Verry Berry™ DPR20 Fruity Fragrance
Sweetest Pea DPR30 Floral Fragrance
Golden Tuscan Citrus™ DPR60 Citrus Apple
Mango™ DPR70 Mango Fruity Fragrance

Earth Essence

The Pod System™

The PeePod™

The patented design puts the PeePod™ at the top of the urinal where it can work most efficiently. With each flush, clean water safely activates the powerful cleaning agents and releases a fresh fragance throughout the restroom.

The FanPod™

FanPod™ Auto uses innovative technology to switch the air freshener on or off with the flick of the restroom lights. When the light goes out, the built in sensor automatically turns the fan off. This saves battery life and moderates fragrance refill evaporation, thereby making it economical and more environmentally¬†friendly.

The DoorPod™

DoorPod™ refreshes the room by simply swinging the door. DoorPod™ catches the breeze and releases the fresh Earth Essence™ natural fragrances out through the vented dispenser.