The Pod System™

The PeePod™

The patented design puts the PeePod™ at the top of the urinal where it can work most efficiently. With each flush, clean water safely activates the powerful cleaning agents and releases a fresh fragance throughout the restroom.

The FanPod™

FanPod™ Auto uses innovative technology to switch the air freshener on or off with the flick of the restroom lights. When the light goes out, the built in sensor automatically turns the fan off. This saves battery life and moderates fragrance refill evaporation, thereby making it economical and more environmentally friendly.

The DoorPod™

DoorPod™ refreshes the room by simply swinging the door. DoorPod™ catches the breeze and releases the fresh Earth Essence™ natural fragrances out through the vented dispenser.

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Welcome to the World of

The Pod System™

An innovative and convenient way to clean, refresh and restore the working facility through the use of New Earth Solutions™.

Each pod is uniquely designed to address your restroom concerns with simplicity in mind.

See the difference with PeePod

Quick and easy instillation, built in sensors and programmable technology make it easy to clean and refresh the air for maximum odor elimination using minimal time and battery energy.

Santa Barbara Sea Breeze Hotel Solution

Solutions to unexpected smoke and pet odors in the hotel room. Please watch this 1 minute video.

Refresh and purify the air with exclusive Earth Essence™ natural fragrances